Weed identification and Management

Want to know what weeds are growing on your property and how to control them?

The NSW WeedWise app profiles more than 300 weeds, as well as explaining biosecurity duties under the NSW Biosecurity Act 2015, control information and registered herbicide options.

You can check what weeds may be in your local area and how they need to be managed using NSW WeedWise website. Both the web version, and smartphone app provide key information to help users reduce the impact of weeds in New South Wales.

If you need further help on what plants are on your property, or would like some information on weed management particular for your area, please get in contact with your local council biosecurity (weeds) officer.

Weed definitions

What is a weed? In its basic form, a weed is defined as a plant growing where you don't want it.

However, in NSW, there are other definitions for weeds too. You may have heard of:

  • environmental weeds
  • agricultural weeds
  • weeds of national significance
  • national environmental alert list weeds.

Under the National Weeds Strategy, 32 introduced plants have been identified as Weeds of National Significance. For further information regarding weed definitions, visit the Department of Primary Industry (DPI) website or contact your local council weeds officer.

It’s important to note that in NSW, all plants are regulated with a general biosecurity duty to prevent, eliminate or minimise any biosecurity risk they can pose.

Any person who deals with plants and knows of biosecurity risk has a duty to ensure the risk is prevented, eliminated or minimised.

Identifying weeds in NSW

You can help Local Land Services with early detection of weeds and weed-based plants by knowing what to look for, where and when to look, and who to contact.

Local Land Services weed identification and management resources below offer specific weed guides to help you identify and control weeds on your property.

Weeds of the North Coast of NSW - A guide to identification and control

Weeds of the North Coast of NSW - A guide to identification and control is a practical manual to support land managers to identify and manage weeds, and understand their obligations under the NSW Biosecurity Act 2015.

It utilises a traffic light system to help simplify the expected actions of landowners and managers.

The production of this book has been coordinated by Coffs Harbour Regional Landcare and North Coast Local Land Services with funding from the NSW Government through its Environmental Trust Every Bit Counts project, North Coast Weeds Action Program and Coffs Harbour City Council Environmental Levy Grants Program.

New weed identification

If you think you’ve found a new type of weed on your land or property, then contact your local control authority or council.

Alternatively, you can call the NSW Invasive Plants and Animals Enquiry Line on 1800 680 244 or email weeds@dpi.nsw.gov.au.

Weed Management Guides

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