Managing Climate Risk

North West Local Land Services has partnered with the following organisations to increase the knowledge, skills, confidence, awareness and adoption of recommended tools, technologies and practices to adapt to changing climate:

Agricultural Consulting Services – Quirindi

Agricultural Production Systems sIMulator (APSIM) Project:

  • APSIM Consultation meeting online seminar - January 2021 (video)
  • APSIM Consultation meeting online seminar (event evaluation)
  • APSIM project: Cropping scenarios using APSIM with Peter McKenzie and Bill Manning (video)

Upper Namoi Cotton Grower Services – Breeza

Below is a project video about the importance of sharing information within the cotton industry to compete in a global market.

Lower Namoi Cotton Grower Services – Wee Waa

Project details coming soon.

The University of Sydney – Spring Ridge - Nowley Farm

Sydney University have been undertaking cover crop trials to determine stored soil moisture levels under certain crop types. In doing so they are drawing from some excellent work carried out in Queensland. The following video provides an update on cover crop research.

Macintyre Ag Alliance Agri-business Summit

This video provides an overview of an event held in Goondiwindi. The event gave people the tools, systems, strategies and opportunity for experimentation to better prepare themselves, so they are able to make informed decisions. The Summit saw primary producers connect with the information, tools and systems that will support their capacity and build their resilience to prepare for and respond to future drought and climate change. Across the two days in both conference and field day settings, landowners engaged with highly skilled speakers, both locally and from interstate, around regenerative agriculture, business management, landscape rehydration, financial strategies and business systems for better NRM management.

Bubbogullion 100 Landcare Group Native Pasture Identification Workshop

Native Pasture Identification Workshop

There has been an interest in native pasture in recent years as a result of the improved rainfall - this has led to an abundance of native pasture regeneration and improved groundcover. In managing for climate variability landholders are keen to work with native pastures and are keen to be able to identify these plant species and learn about their nutritional value and palatability. A field day and farm walk was held at Wayne and Nell Chaffey's place near Somerton where landholders had the opportunity to learn about characteristics to help identify plants and were able to take a close look at many of the species present as well as take a walk through the paddock and learn how to identify them in the paddock.

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