Progressing the Small Purple-pea


small purple peaThe Progressing the Small Purple-pea project aims to stabilise or improve the trajectory of the Small Purple-pea by 2023. The Small Purple-pea is nationally listed as endangered.

The project is focussed on assisting the recovery of the Small Purple-pea (Swainsona recta) populations through regional community surveys, improving habitat quality and establishment of new ex-situ populations.

Our priority sites are located at the Burrendong Arboretum and Burrendong State Recreation area, Mount Arthur Reserve and Stuart Town Common in the Wellington Area.

Species overview

The Small Purple-pea is a slender, erect perennial herb growing to 30 cm tall. It bears one to several sprays of between 10 and 20 purple, pea-shaped flowers, between late September and early December. The plants die back in summer, surviving as rootstock until they shoot again in Autumn. Seeds ripen in December and burst open to spread seed stock.

Why is it threatened?

  • Grazing and trampling by domestic and feral animals;
  • Loss and degradation of habitat by weed infestation and agricultural development;
  • Increased competition from Black Cypress Pine (Callitris endlicheri)

How you can help

  • Get involved in our community workshops to learn more about the Small Purple-pea.
  • Participate in our flora surveys to locate existing and new populations


Project contact

Catie Guise
Phone: 0429 982 197

This project is supported by Central West Local Land Services, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.