The Adapt Project

About The Adapt Project

The Adapt Project is all about up-skilling Central West producers to adapt to changes in climate, landscape and markets.

The project provides producers with an understanding of different tools and resources for making on-farm decisions.

Through the project producers can gain skills and knowledge to sustain farm businesses through the tough times and realise new opportunities in the good times.

The project will also help improve producers’ understanding of finance for sound business decision making; climatic conditions and weather forecasting; soil capacity and limitations; cropping and pasture planning; and feed measurement and predictions.

The Adapt Project will be rolled out over the next four years and involves free workshops, field days, podcasts and on-farm trials/demonstrations.

Focus areas

There is a number of focus areas under The Adapt Project, these are:

  • Adapt Business: Develop financial decision making skills to set goals and implement change. Understand gross margins, input costs, profit and loss to make your investments go further, evaluate to increase productivity, sustainability and profitability.
  • Adapt Climate: Gain a better understanding of changing climatic conditions and how to adapt your enterprise to be more resilient. Make more informed decisions based on weather forecasts and climate drivers. Prepare for a productive future in the face of climate uncertainty.
  • Adapt Soil: Better understand the capacity, potential and limitations of your soil. Adapt soil management strategies to improve soil health, nutrition and economics. Develop knowledge to reduce the impacts of climate change on the land to increase soil sustainability along with soil productivity.
  • Adapt Cropping and Pasture: Select pasture and crop species based on your landscape, soils and changing climatic conditions. Explore new concepts and the integration of new species and techniques to manage them. Capitalise on sustainable productivity and economic return in changing environments.
  • Adapt Feedbase: Build resilience by increasing your ability to measure and predict available feed, adjust stocking rates and grazing management to reduce risk in dry times. Better capitalise excess feed in good times and learn when and how to make decisions to balance livestock requirements to feedbase capabilities.


WEBINAR: Annual Temperate Pastures Webinar Series (1)

WEBINAR: Annual Temperate Pastures Webinar Series (2)

Dual purpose cereal crop trials

Information on the dual purpose cereal crop trials currently running at Bogan Gate and Purlewaugh


When our ag team's Autumn seasonal update roadshow was affected by COVID-19 they created virtual resources for producers to share the information.

WEBINAR: Considerations for putting livestock onto winter crops

WEBINAR: Goal setting for your farm business

Goal setting template (PDF 419kb)


Video: Pre-emergent herbicide demonstration

Central West Local Land Service Agronomist Tim Bartimote discusses the results of pre-emergent herbicide demonstrations at Parkes and Narromine. Tim compares traditional herbicides to newly released herbicide options to control Annual Rye Grass in wheat.

The aim of the trial was to compare the efficiency and length of effectiveness of nine new and old pre-emergent herbicide options to increase the understanding of pre-em options, the confidence of decision making of product choice and the importance of herbicide rotations to producers in the Central West.

Take a look now to see Tim's results and key learnings.

Video: Walk Over Weight Study

Central West Producer Elliot Shannon discusses his involvement in a Local Land Services Optiweigh walk over weigh system trial on his mixed farming property at Bugaldie.

Elliot outlines his experience of the benefits and constraints over three difference scenarios in his cattle breeding enterprise.

He explains how mob weight range, paddock size and time determines the effectiveness of stable data to capture trends and the advantages of using technology to monitor and maintain animal performance through better decision making of grazing management and supplementary feeding.

Hear a practical perspective from Elliot in this short video.


WEBINAR: Presenting information to your bank and debt management for the next generation

WEBINAR: Negotiating with your bank

WEBINAR: Climate

VIDEOS: Carbon for Profit Conference Dubbo 2019

Want to find out more?

Email our project officer to register your interest for The Adapt Project events.

This project is supported by Central West Local Land Services, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

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