Carbon for Profit conference videos

In June 2019, we held a conference in Dubbo to hear from practitioners, experts and scientists on the opportunities around carbon and farming.

Following are the highlights from a few of our speakers from the event.

David Marsh - 2018 National Landcarer of the Year, 2017 NSW Landcarer of the Year

David Marsh is an award-winning regenerative farmer, speaker and author from Boorowa. His talk at the Carbon for Profit conference was an inspiring story of someone who wanted to make a difference to his local environment.

Hear his thoughts on why he moved into regen ag and working with the natural environment.

Growing the grazing revolution - Scott Hickman Grazing Officer, Mid Lachlan Landcare

Scott Hickman is a regenerative farmer in central west NSW who's excited about agriculture and positive about its future.

We caught up with Scott about his thoughts on getting into regen ag and where agriculture goes from here.

Links between farm profitability and ecosystem health - Dr Susan Orgill

Dr Susan Orgill love soils! We were lucky enough to have a chat to her and hear about all things biomass and increasing soil carbon...

The application of life cycle assessment to agricultural systems - Aaron Symonds

Life cycle assessment is a key concept to many carbon trading and environmental management systems. Aaron Symonds from NSW DPI explains what it is and how it is relevant to agriculture.

Impacts of global change, warming, and trends - Dr Bradley N. Opdyke

Dr Bradley Opdyke spoke at our 2019 Carbon for Profit conference, sharing a few ideas in this serious space, and a few positive notes too.