Report a Regent this Spring to win!

Entries into our 2021 Spring Birdwatching Competition have now closed.

We need citizen scientists to monitor our most vulnerable birds, in fact all birds, as populations continue to decline across our region. Help us to understand how they are coping by monitoring the birds on your farm, in your backyard or favourite bird watching spot –within the current stay-at-home restrictions.

This competition celebrates Threatened Species Day (Tuesday, 7 September 2021), and aims to shine the spotlight on some of the threatened bird species found in the Central West region with a special focus on the critically endangered Regent Honeyeater.

About Regent Honeyeaters

Regent Honeyeaters are likely to be on the move through our flowering woodlands and do stop by farms, reserves or even your backyard chasing flowering trees.  In the Central West area, look for their favourite flowering trees White Box, Yellow Box, Mugga Ironbark and River Sheoak.  In River Sheoak they feed on the flowering mistletoe and often use these trees for nesting.  With less than 400 individuals remaining, every sighting is critical.

Did you know private land is where experts find nearly two-thirds of all Regent Honeyeaters - could they be on your property? Could they be in your favourite birdwatching spot or reserve?

Look for them in mature flowering eucalypts (Box or Ironbark) or large mature River She-oaks, especially any of these trees with native mistletoe growing on them, the perfect Regent snack!

Check this Regent Honeyeater ID fact sheet for key markings and "look-a-like" species, and banding information.


For more information contact May Whittall or Catie Guise

Image credit: Dean Ingwersen

This project is supported by Central West Local Land Services through funding from the Australian Government's National Landcare Program.