South East Farmers' Network

Finding your local Farmers' Network

Small Farms - a vital piece of the landscape puzzle!

Small farms and lifestyle properties play an important role in managing the patchwork of natural and agricultural environments across the South East.

Across the South East region a number of Farmers' Networks have been established to engage, connect and build the skills and capacity of all landholders in better land management. Join your local Network today and get connected with the latest news, events, funding and online opportunities within your local and regional area. It’s free, fun and a great way to meet like-minded farmers in your backyard.

“The Small Farms Network provides great opportunities for hands on learning with a group of like-minded people. The workshops and webinars enhance my learning in an accessible way and the chance to network with other small farmers is great. Always interesting, useful and great presenters. Thank you” Feedback from Building Resilient Landscapes after Fire and Drought.

South Coast Small Farms Network (Illawarra & Shoalhaven)

Prograze field work

Being a small farmer on the south coast can be a fulfilling but challenging undertaking.

To keep up to date with the latest information on agricultural production, biosecurity, natural resource management and emergency management, available grants and opportunities to participate in workshops through South East Local Land Services, sign up to our monthly newsletter, the South East Circular.

To learn more about becoming a great land manager, neighbour and environmental steward see our Every Bit Counts program.

To register your interest in upcoming South Coast events and workshops, or to get receive more information on local producer groups meeting on coast please complete this form.

Eurobodalla Farmers' Network

Sheep workshop

The Eurobodalla Farmers Network is a relatively new network and is a partnership between South East Local Land Services, Eurobodalla Shire Council and the Sustainable Agricultural & Gardening group (SAGE).

The Eurobodalla Farmers Network continues to grow (225 members) and aims to support all landholders by promoting and organising a variety of events such as the regional Agricultural Industry Dinner, various land management workshops and funding opportunities for landholders across the Eurobodalla region especially post fires. Sign up today to receive our free newsletter and connect with your local farming community. Click here

“As a foundation committee member of the Eurobodalla Farmers Network, I am encouraged by the growing membership of our group. As outlined above, we provide the stimulus and learning experiences for all landholders interested in improving their properties to produce the commodity of their choice using sustainable and efficient farming practices. With the guidance and expertise available from LLS  the future of the network is assured”. Peter Atkinson.

Small Farms Network Capital Region (Bungendore & Surrounds)

Capital region

The award winning Network aims to deliver improved agricultural productivity and land management for the long term on small rural properties in the Capital region of south-eastern New South Wales. Based in Bungendore the association is managed by a farmer committee with the objective of providing education and advocacy support for small farmers, a project officer is employed on a casual basis. The network provides support to small farmers by organising events and publishing online information via a website and Facebook. The network currently has 100 financial members and a mailing list of 435 people. You can register for these events, sign up for the free newsletter or become a member of the network here and on Facebook.

Far South Coast Farmers’ Network (Bega Valley)

As a diverse group of over 250 members this Farmers’ Network aims to find efficient and creative ways for landholders to learn and implement sustainable farming practices. Becoming a member of the Farmers’ Network will enable you to receive our Newsletter and invitations to upcoming events.

An integral part of the Network’s agenda is to develop future technology and marketing opportunities. We work closely with industry experts and research bodies as well as stakeholder groups such as Local Land Services, Meat and Livestock Australia and Bega Valley Shire Council. For more details visit their website.

Farmer Networks across NSW

Don't live in the South East region and want to be involved?

A number of Small Farms Network / Farmer Networks exist across NSW through the Every Bit Counts project and your Local Land Service region. Click on your region to find out more:

Greater Sydney Small Farms Network

​Hunter LLS - Every Bit Counts program

North Coast LLS - Every Bit Counts program

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