Every Bit Counts – Engaging Small Landholdings

Every bit Counts small landholdings

Small farms and lifestyle properties play an important role in managing the patchwork of natural environment across the landscape. As many large properties are divided into smaller farms and lifestyle holdings they remain a key piece in the puzzle to ensure large scale healthy environmental systems are maintained.

Many of these small properties have native vegetation, creeks and dams and other features which provide valuable habitat for native animals and important services to the natural environment.

The Every Bit Counts program has been developed to provide access to the best available knowledge, advice and to peer-to-peer support networks in a manner that recognises the wide range of priorities and land uses that exist on small farms and lifestyle properties.

The program works across the North Coast, Hunter, Greater Sydney and South East Local Land Services regions to create real and long lasting on-ground change:

  • foster improvements in the application of best management practices
  • improve access to and awareness of education opportunities
  • build peer-to-peer support networks and connection with existing groups including Landcare and local government.

Who is this program for?

Every Bit Counts is for small landholders looking to connect to hundreds of like-minded people trying to improve their land, production capacity and environment.

This program is currently operating in the North Coast, Hunter Region,Greater Sydney and South East.

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