Save our scarlet robin

South East Local Land Services has received financial support from the NSW Government via the Environmental Trust, Saving Our Species and Catchment Action NSW Programs to implement a long term project with the vision of “Local Community Action towards the Recognition and Protection of the scarlet robin and its’ habitat”.

Over the ten years from 2016, the project will provide opportunities for local landholders including attending a range of awareness raising events that will provide practical information on actions that individuals can take to improve habitat for and monitor local woodland bird populations.

These events will be organised by our project partners including K2C, Molonglo Catchment Group and Upper Shoalhaven Landcare Council.

Between 2017- 2021, South East Local Land Services will be promoting opportunities for landholders within specific target areas, around Burra, Braidwood, Michelago and Delegate, to apply for financial assistance or to establish conservation covenants on their property via this Program.

The Save Our Scarlet Robin Project has been designed with specific aims associated with improving habitat value for woodland birds and improving the potential for these birds to move across the landscape. Therefore, the program is limited to funding activities that have been identified as contributing to this aim, including Protection, Management and Expansion of Existing Remnant Native Vegetation, Revegetation Activities and Protection of Native Riparian Vegetation.

Registrations of interest for the 2019/2020 funding rounds are now open. Contact Andy Taylor ( or 02 4842 2594) for more information.

Alternatively you can download the Registration of Interest form and the Guide to incentives program (which includes project area maps) to learn more.

To find out more about the scarlet robin and other threatened species click here.

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Illustrations by Celia Curtis.

Scarlet robin

Scarlet robin

Brown treecreeper

Brown Tree creeper

Diamond firetail

Diamond Firetail

Flame robin

Flame Robin

Gang gang cockatoo

Gang-gang cockatoo

Glossy black cockatoo

Red-tailed Black Cockatoo

Hooded robin

Hooded Robin

Speckled warbler

Speckled warbler

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