Climate proofing Coastal Saltmarsh

What is coastal saltmarsh?

Coastal saltmarsh is a unique, threatened ecological community that inhabits the intertidal flats of NSW estuaries.

31% of the community is protected in conservation reserves such as National Parks. The remainder of the community is located in the populated areas of the NSW coast, vulnerable to threats from human activities (vehicles, drainage, levees), grazing animals, weeds and climate change induced sea level rise.

There has been a significant loss (estimated at 50%) of this community from the landscape since European habitation on the south coast of NSW.

Why is it important?

Coastal saltmarsh is a unique community that has the ability to store and capture carbon at a higher rate than any other natural system. It is a rich source of biodiversity, being home to a range of species and part of the life cycle for fish and prawns that inhabit the marine environment.

The coastal saltmarsh project

The climate proofing coastal saltmarsh project aims to extend previous government funded activities to protect and rehabilitate coastal saltmarsh on the south coast with a focus on the Shoalhaven and Eurobodalla coastal areas.

South East Local Land Services is offering incentives to private land managers for projects that protect and enhance coastal saltmarsh and the adjacent buffering vegetation communities in the Bega, Eurobodalla and Shoalhaven Local Government Areas.

Assistance can be provided for the cost of fencing materials, weed management, native plants and works to rehabilitate artificial drainage.

More information

If you would like more information on the project, eligibility, contact with Sonia Bazzacco from our Moruya office on 0429 998 585 or

This project is delivered through the Regional Land Partnerships Program, with funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

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