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Across the east coast of NSW we have a team of project officers dedicated to working with small acre landholders.

Look up your local Every Bit Counts project officer below to connect with the program and better understand the ins and outs of managing land.

Greater Sydney

Angela Maier and Maree WhelanMaree Whelan and Angela Maier work together in a job share arrangement for the Every Bit Counts project in the Greater Sydney region. Maree has been working in engagement and education roles for Greater Sydney Local Land Services since January 2014, and prior to this worked as an Education Officer for the Hunter Central Rivers Catchment Management Authority. Angela has been working for Local Land Services since 2014, and prior to that worked as Regional Landcare Coordinator and Natural Resource Management Officer for Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Management Authority.

In their role as project officer for the Every Bit Counts program, Angela and Maree coordinate face-to-face sustainable land management workshops/field days, newsletters and online resources for rural and tree changer landholders in the Greater Sydney region.

Another key focus of the role is to provide support to Local Land Services staff, local Landcare networks and other stakeholders including local government agencies to help them engage with peri-urban landholders in the Greater Sydney region.

Maree also manages the Volunteer Coordinators Network for Bushcare in Greater Sydney and has a keen interest in helping Landcare partner with landholders in the area of sustainable land management. Angela has been involved in the Sydney-based Absentee Landholder project.

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South East

Andrew BrittonAndrew Britton co-created and has coordinated the South East Small Farms Network since 2004, while working as a Community and Land Management Officer on the south coast of NSW.

The Small Farms Network is designed to improve the engagement, skills and knowledge of small landholders in improved whole farm management practices. With a strong focus on sustainable agriculture, the Network coordinates regular on-farm workshops, field days and events, creating an open and safe environment for peer-learning, support and a social network for landholders who often feel disconnected to their local farming community.

The Small Farms Network has won multiple local government and Landcare awards for its community engagement model and various natural resource management projects across the south coast landscape. In 2015 Andrew was a joint winner of the Australian Government Landcare Facilitator/Coordinator for NSW based on the achievements of the Small Farms Network over the previous 10 years.

Andrew has a passion for helping small landholders who are often very hungry for knowledge and are interested in creating long-term change on farm. Championing small landholder’s passion and interest in sustainable and whole farm management, Andrew has been a vocal advocate over many years, trying to improve the perceived perception that small landholders are high biosecurity risks.

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The Hunter Region has three Community Engagement Officers who work together to ensure services are delivered to small landholders across the region. Daniel Trudgeon is based in the Manning Great Lakes area, Kath McLoughlin covers the Upper Hunter and Eva Twarkowski takes care of the Lower Hunter region.

Daniel Tudgeon

Daniel Trudgeon has been the Manning Great Lakes Community Engagement Officer for the last year and he lives in Gloucester but is based in the Local Lands Services Office in Taree.

Prior to working with Local Land Services, he worked for a few years for the Department of Education as a Learning Support Officer.

Daniel also spent almost 20 years working in natural resource management for National Parks Services in NSW and the NT.

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Kath McLoughlinKath McLoughlin is a new comer to the Hunter Local Land Services, starting in her Community Engagement role in May 2020 she is based in our Scone office.

With her family, she is a cattle grazier from the Barrington area of the Upper Hunter

Kath has a natural resource management history with Landcare, Catchment Management and industry in QLD and NSW.

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Eva Twarkowski

Eva Twarkowski is the Hunter Local Land Services’ Community Engagement Officer for the Lower Hunter District.

In the three years at Local Land Services, Eva has worked with colleagues, community groups, industry groups and other agencies in developing, planning, promoting and delivering natural resources management and sustainable agriculture programs and events.

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North Coast

sharn-gilmour-profileSharn Gilmour works on the Every Bit Counts project in the North Coast region.

Sharn has a long experience in capacity building with production, community and landholder groups ranging from the arid lands of South Australia to a North Coast focus.

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