March 2023

Drier weather conditions toward the end of 2022 and early 2023 have proved favourable to contractors working on fencing, earthworks, revegetation, pest and weed control programs and the timing of March rainfall has been welcomed by all.

The construction of over 60km of boundary fences is wrapping up in March /April, with a large shoutout to the contractor who has managed to deliver the project in a timely manner considering wet weather, floods and supply issues. Earthworks have continued and remain on-going to ensure sound access throughout our Breeza and Tambar Spring sites.

To date, over 119km of formed access tracks, easements, and new fence line clearing between neighbours and public roads has been completed to improve access and ongoing management at Breeza and Tambar Springs. Preparation has begun for part of 78 Ha of revegetation planned for Breeza to connect Long Mountain to Breeza State Forest.

Aboriginal cultural heritage surveys have recently been completed at the Tambar Springs site in preparation for line clearing and access tracks. Local high school students from Gunnedah accompanied local community leaders in a cultural knowledge day along with Wally Hammond and North West Aboriginal Ranger participants. An interim process is now in place for community members to access sites by contacting staff listed below.

Woody weed control ramped up in early summer where over 2,500 Ha of St John’s Wort was controlled at Tambar Springs. In follow up to the previous newsletter, drone and remote-controlled mulchers were used on African boxthorn with great results. Preparation for autumn weed control activities is underway with some exciting plans to control African Olive in steep country.

Two aerial programs targeting pest animals were completed in November/December 2022 and March 2023 with results across the 2 sites indicating a decline in numbers and 1 site showing steady numbers present. Since Local Land Services has taken over management in January 2022 over 2,578 pest animals have been eradicated. Our pest animal program is continuing and currently underway using varying on-ground control measures.

The Waratah Project sites have been identified as having suitable and in-demand biodiversity credits. Local Land Services is working closely with the Credit Supply Taskforce with initial biodiversity assessments being completed over the holdings by an accredited assessor to consider biodiversity credit supply options.

For more information or to get in contact with the project team contact Caleb Doyle, Project Coordinator on 0428 641 858 or via e-mail, or Wally Hammond, Community Engagement Officer on 0419611715 or via e-mail

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