Kangaroo management podcast series

Kangaroo management — It's complicated

Kangaroo management is a complicated, nationwide issue that involves many diverse stakeholders. In this episode, we’ll talk to an ecologist and an academic to better understand the complex issues surrounding kangaroo management, including diverse approaches such as translocation, fertility control, culling and commercial harvesting. We'll also hear from a researcher who’s looking for solutions by developing a tool for land managers to forecast kangaroo numbers.

Understanding kangaroo grazing pressure

Managing total grazing pressure on your property is challenging, particularly from unmanaged animals. As landholders in Western NSW know, kangaroo numbers can fluctuate very quickly across individual properties, uprooting and damaging plants and negatively impacting the land. Research is addressing this challenge, focusing on a positive outcome for both production and biodiversity. Join us in this episode as we talk to a farmer and see how he is better managing kangaroo numbers on his property using this new research.

Kangaroos and drought

Drought is a stressful time for any farmer trying to balance competing business, livestock and landscape demands. Kangaroos also struggle in drought with inevitable dehydration and starvation from lack of food and water. Join us to see how the use of new tools and how being proactive instead of reactive, will help both landholders and kangaroos in this challenging situation.

Traditional owners and kangaroos

Kangaroos have a cultural and spiritual significance for Aboriginal people, being a totem for some and a source of food and clothing for many. Tune in to learn about the diversity of views that Aboriginal people have about kangaroo management. In this episode, we’ll talk to indigenous community members about what kangaroo harvesting means to them and some of the challenges they face. Join us to hear some ideas of how the industry and government can help improve community access and involvement through the use of cultural tags as well as providing work opportunities for indigenous people.

Kangaroo management — seeking a way forward

With focuses varying from economics to morals to conservation issues, it can be challenging to find common ground on kangaroos. In this episode, we’ll hear from an ecologist, the industry and the government about some new strategic initiatives that aim to give a voice to these diverse groups. We’ll see how education, consultation and innovation can be part of the solution. Tune in to hear how a predictive tool for kangaroo populations and new adaptive approaches could help advance kangaroo management in Australia.

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