Hastings Feral Deer Management

The management and control of feral deer in the Port Macquarie-Hastings region is a high priority action identified in the North Coast Local Land Services Regional Pest Animal Management Plan 2018-2021.  A Working Group currently oversees the coordination of on ground actions with relevant stakeholders to reduce feral deer numbers in the local area. Feral deer have high impacts on a range of local environments in which they reside, that can include residential and rural residential areas, in crops on agricultural lands and forested land in either national parks or state forests and council or crown lands. They also represent a considerable hazard on roads becoming a safety risk to road users.

The members of the Hastings Feral Deer Working Group have collaborated to develop the Hastings Feral Deer Management Plan 2020-2024 to guide the required actions to reduce feral deer numbers in priority areas in the known population and identify new areas of invasion and support landholders to undertake effective control.

You can download a copy of the plan here.

If you have seen feral deer in your local area, either in the Port Macquarie – Hastings or another area please report the sighting on Feral Scan via the website (www.feralscan.org.au) or by downloading the App from either the Apple Store or from Google Play.

If you would like to access further advice and assistance regarding feral deer please call our team on 1300 795 299.

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