Invasive Pests

The aim of our invasive pests team is to reduce the impact of invasive pest animal species on natural resources and agriculture and the community

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We help Local Land Services customers protect their assets against the impacts of pest animals in the region. We carry out pest animal planning and deliver pest control programs on Local Land Services customers’ land. We coordinate the planning and delivery of these programs with other NSW agencies, councils and community groups.

We also provide support and advice to pest management stakeholders in the region to help them manage pests across the landscape. This includes overseeing a regional stakeholder Pest Management Committee, providing strategic and technical advice to NSW agencies, councils and community groups, and supporting the development of landscape-scale pest management plans. We also encourage collective investment by NSW agencies and local government in pest animal management across the region.

We aim to

  • Contain the spread of priority pest animal species and reduce their impact on the north coast.
  • Reduce economic and ecological losses and social impact from pest animal species
  • Improve community participation in biosecurity management across all land tenures
  • Increase Local Land Services customer adoption of best management practices.

Our staff:

  • Provide guidance and bait products to over 100 wild dog management groups
  • Bring stakeholders together to create management plans for wild dogs, feral deer, feral pigs
  • Provide training to land managers, such as Vertebrate Pesticide Training, to ensure they have the capacity and capability to manage pests on their land
  • Investigate and assess control techniques for emerging pests such as feral deer
  • Deliver frontline field operations in emergency management such as fire and floods

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