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The Land Life podcast is designed to share knowledge and experience with North Coast Landholders to support farm productivity and healthy environments
New episodes are released by the second Friday of each Month. Subscribe via your usual provider to get early notifications when new episodes are released. You can also listen here, or via the usual providers online.  
Future topics will include sustainable agriculture, animal health and welfare, biosecurity, natural resource management and emergency management.


Episode 12:  Feral Deer Management in the Port Macquarie-Hastings region

Listen in to learn about how we're managing feral deer in the urban environment, and how you can report sightings in your area

This final episode of Season 1 of Land Life brings you insights into the techniques being used to manage feral deer in the Port Macquarie area.

If you see deer anywhere on the North Coast, you can report using the Feralscan app on your Apple or Android smart phone, or via the DeerScan website

If you'd like to speak to a Biosecurity officer about deer, you can call your nearest North Coast Local Land Services office on 1300 795 299.


Episode 11: Using detector dogs to locate the highly invasive alligator weed in the field

Listen in to learn about the highly invasive alligator weed, and the role detector dogs are playing to locate weeds on the North Coast.

In this month's episode we learn about the highly invasive alligator weed on the North Coast, and the role detector dogs play in locating the plant in the field.


Episode 10: Cattle parasites and drench resistance

Hear from the experts about cattle parasites on the North Coast, and recent research into drench resistance.

In this month's episode we hear from District Vet Liz Bolin and Senior Ag Advisor Nathan Jennings about internal and external parasites and how to manage them in your herd. Nathan tells us about a trial investigating the effectiveness of common chemicals in treating internal parasites, and some of the ways to avoid drench resistance in your herd.


Episode 9: Prohibited matter weeds on the North Coast - Miconia

Learn about the weed Miconia - the impact it could have if left unchecked, and what we're doing to keep it out of the North Coast.

The North Coast is far from weed free - and yet, there are plenty more invasive plant species that, if introduced, could have a devastating impact on our industries and ecosystems. Listen in to episode 9 of Land Life to hear about the 'Prohibited Matter' species Miconia, the impact it could have if left unchecked, and the work being done to keep it out of the North Coast.

For more information, visit the NSW WeedWise website, or download the NSW Weedwise app.

Episode 8:Fall Armyworm on the NSW North Coast
Fall armyworm biosecurity on the North Coast - what it is, and why should landholders care?

Listen to North Coast Local Land Services biosecurity staff talk about fall armyworm on the North Coast. Hear about identification, impacts and management options.For more info on the chemicals referenced early in this episode, visit the NSW Department of Primary Industries website - Chemical management options

Episode 7: Farm Water Planning
Learn about planning your farm water

Hear about the ins and outs of planning your farm water, and learn about an North Coast Local Land Services project supporting landholders to improve their farm water infrastructure.

Episode 6: Using Compost to Improve Pastures
Can using compost lead to improved pasture quantity and quality?

Learn about a North Coast Local Land Services trial investigating the use of compost in pasture improvement.


Episode 5: Preparing Your Farm for Summer
Heat stress, feed availability and the Christmas shutdown
Listen in to find out what you can do to reduce heat stress in livestock over summer, and get some timely reminders of things to consider as we head into Christmas.
Episode 4: Holistic Decision Making for Rural Women
What it is, and why you need it in your life

Land Life host Mindy Greenwood learns about holistic decision making – what it is, why we need it in our lives, and how North Coast rural women are getting support to develop this important skill.

Episode 3: Diagnosing Vibriosis in Your Cattle
A common reproductive disease in cattle
District Vet Phil Kemsley talks you through the cattle reproductive disease, Vibriosis – what to look for, how it’s diagnosed and treated, and where to get more info.
Episode 2: Managing Wild Dogs
Living with wild dogs
Senior Biosecurity Officers Mick Elliot and Tiffany Felton take you through all things wild dogs, including details on measures you can take to protect livestock and pets, and how to be proactive in managing wild dog impacts.
Episode 1: Preparing Your Animals for the Fire Season
Learn how to prepare your farm and farm animals for the bushfire season
Learn how to prepare your farm and farm animals for the bushfire season, including things to look out for in fire impacted livestock.

This project is jointly funded through North Coast Local Land Services and the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

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