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The Land Life podcast has temporarily ceased production due to the 2022 North Coast Floods. Please watch this space for updates as we plan to bring you a new and improved Podcast series in the future.

The Land Life podcast is designed to share knowledge and experience with North Coast Landholders to support farm productivity and healthy environments

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Season 2

Episode 10 - Collaboration in the Tweed

Due for release 11 February

In this month’s episode we hear from Tweed Landcare, Tweed-Byron Local Aboriginal Land Council and Mudhima Gulgan Community Association about working together on a priority weed program in the Kingscliff and Fingal Head areas.

For more information about this project, contact Tweed Landcare on 02 6670 2199, or Tweed-Byron LALC on 07 5531 1763

To find out how to partner with your local Aboriginal land managers, start by identifying the relevant Aboriginal land council on the NSW ALC website

You can learn more about Landcare on the North Coast via the Landcare Gateway

The priority weeds program referenced in this episode is funded by North Coast Local Land Services  through the Stakeholder Partnerships - Strategic Weed Management Plan 2017-22.

Episode 9 - Pig Biosecurity for Producers Large and Small

In this episode we're talking all things pig biosecurity.

For pig owners large and small, knowing how to protect your animals from disease is critical to protecting the pig product industry in NSW.

For more information, visit:

or call your nearest Local Land Services office on 1300 795 299.

Episode 8 - Travelling Stock Reserves
In this final episode of Land Life for 2021, we'll hear from Sam Hand and Gabrielle Blackwell about the Travelling Stock Reserves network managed by North Coast Local Land Services.

You can learn more on the Local Land Services website, or by calling your nearest office on 1300 795 299.

Episode 7 - Rehoming wild horses on the North Coast

In this episode you'll hear from landowners Tavis & Jennie Oceans on their experience rehoming wild horses that had arrived uninvited on their property. Jennie & Tavis worked with the North Coast Local Land Services biosecurity team and New England Brumby Rescue to relocate these horses.

For more information about the New England Brumby Sanctuary, visit Save the Brumbies online here: Our Sanctuaries - Save The Brumbies

Episode 6 - Revegetation and Sustainable Ag in the Richmond River Catchment

In this episode we talk to a number of North Coast professionals involved in a project combining environmental restoration and sustainable agricultural practices to address vegetation loss, erosion and soil health decline in the upper Richmond River catchment.

We hear from Brendan O'Brien and Donna Cuthel of North Coast Local Land Services, as well as Gavin Tinning of the Border Ranges-Richmond Valley Landcare Network. Gavin talks about soil, pasture and dung beetle trials being run in the Northern Rivers region.

For more information, visit

SEPTEMBER FEATURE SERIES, Episodes 3-5 - The Lord Howe Island Weed Eradication Program

Lord Howe Island is home to unique endemic species and habitats found nowhere else in the world. The island was subject to weed invasions which originated with settlement, and continued through until a group of passionate locals and weed professionals started to turn things around.

Listen in to this three part mini-series to hear about the journey island inhabitants have been on over the last 15 years, with support from North Coast Local Land Services.

For more information, visit the Lord Howe Island Board website:

3. In the beginning
4. Where are we now?
5. What lies ahead

Episode 2: Pasture toxicity in beef & dairy cattle

Sewing pastures to fill the winter feed gap is essential in dairy, and best practice in beef cattle. Yet when certain environmental conditions align, commonly sewn pastures can cause toxicity in cattle.

Listen in to hear from North Coast Local Land Services District Vet, and Tweed dairy farmer Cory Crosthwaite on their experiences of plant toxicity in cattle.

For more information and advice, call your nearest Local Land Services office on 1300 795 299.

You can obtain key information about caring for beef and dairy cattle in the North Coast Local Land Services publication, Beef Cattle Health and Husbandry for the NSW North Coast. This publication is currently undergoing review and the new version, including an expanded section on pasture toxicity, will be available soon. We will update this link as soon as possible.

Episode 1: Tropical Soda Apple

Tropical Soda Apple has become a major weed in multiple countries around the world - listen in to hear about what makes it such a threat to the North Coast, and what you can do if you think you find it.

Episode resources:

  • On the North Coast, the Local Control Authorities are Rous County Council in the North, and your local council from the Clarence LGA south.
  • You can download the Weedwise app from your app store, or visit the Weedwise website here.
  • To contact your local Landcare group, visit the Landcare Gateway. There are 11 regional Landcare networks across the North Coast and each has a coordinator who will help you figure out which group to contact.
  • Follow the TSA Tasforce and the North Coast Weeds Action Group on Facebook to be kept in the loop.

Season 1

Missed an episode, or want to check back in to season 1 content? You can still access Season 1 episodes on your preferred player, or stream them here:

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Episode 10 - Parasites

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Episode 12 - Feral deer

This project is jointly funded through North Coast Local Land Services and the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

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