Resources for landcare volunteers and coordinators

Resources for coordinators

  • Volunteer Coordinators Network (Natural Areas) Sydney Region (VCN) is an Australia-wide network of people employed to co-ordinate community volunteer involvement in natural resource management . The Sydney Region VCN meets quarterly hosted by different organisations across Greater Sydney. Please contact please contact Maree Whelan at or Angela Maier at
  • Greater Sydney Local Land Services Volunteer Coordinators Manual The 2015, fourth edition of the Volunteer Coordinators Manual includes 39 new case studies that show the diversity of environmental volunteer programs in urban and rural areas throughout Australia.
  • The Bushcare Boosters workshop program aims to assist bushcare coordinators to help volunteers value and understand their Bushcare work as part of the big picture of biodiversity restoration across Australia.  Three modules were produced. Download Bushcare Boosters.

Resources for volunteers

  • National Landcare Directory is an online directory of community environmental 'care' groups across Australia that include landcare networks and groups, Bushcare, Friends of; Coastcare, Dunecare and Rivercare gropus.
  • Landcare near you in an online directory of Landcare groups across NSW on the NSW Landcare Gateway.
  • Australian Association of Bush Regenerators website contains learning resources on bush regeneration and a directory of accredited bush regnerators and contractors.
  • Landcare coordinators are a wealth of information and support. Find and reach out to a landcare coordinator.

Other online resources

A range of professional resources are available to assist volunteer program managers and supervisors to set up, manage and reinvigorate their long-term environmental programs.

  • Landcare Toolbox - Landcare NSW has produced a number of resources available for their members, including Governance Checklists, Factsheets, Landcare Policy Templates and Insurance Information.
  • Group resources - Landcare Australia provides free resources for environmental community groups to help them get started and promote their group activities to engage the local community to be involved.
  • Landcare in Your School - Landcare Australia has developed learning activities for children of all ages to build knowledge and deeper connections to biodiversity, food production, First Nations perspectives and waste management.
  • In Safe Hands Tool Kit - make sure your volunteers are always safe! This Toolkit provides resources for community groups to ensure their 'duty of care' is met.
  • Youth Program: Nextgen Landcare - resources and guides for young people bringing their energy, passion and inspiration to Landcare.
  • Greater Sydney LLS Landcare and Community News is a monthly e-newsletter with news, events and funding opportunities across Greater Sydney.
  • Landcarer is an online community for anyone interested in conservation land management and agriculture. Includes the possibility to view and share content.
  • Greater Sydney Small Farms Network is an open group of small scale and hobby farmers. Join the network to receive a monthly e-newsletter about events, resources, news and funding opportunities.

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