Aboriginal Community Groups

Local Land Services is a regional-focused NSW Government agency delivering quality customer services to farmers, landholders and the wider community.

We help people make better decisions about the land they manage and assist rural and regional communities to be profitable and sustainable into the future.

Greater Sydney is one of eleven LLS regions, managed by local boards that cover NSW. Each region is accountable for delivering services that add value to local industries, enhance natural resources, protect industries from pests and disease, and help communities respond to emergencies like flood, fire and drought.

At Local Land Services, we support Aboriginal people to care for Country, share traditional land management and ecological knowledge, and help protect and strengthen Aboriginal cultural heritage.

In delivery of strategic and operational outcomes, Greater Sydney LLS is guided by local engagement with Aboriginal (First Nations) Communities led by the local Aboriginal Advisory Group (AAG). This guidance alongside state-wide and local planning approaches aims to empower First Nations communities in continuing to Care for Country, enrich culture and strengthen connections for current and future generations.

Acknowledgement of Country

Greater Sydney LLS acknowledges we operate in and deliver services throughout Country of First Nations* people in the Greater Sydney Region. Greater Sydney LLS recognises First Nations people hold a continuous and deep connection to Country and this in turn holds significance to the broader community.

For First Nations people, Country takes in everything within the physical, cultural and spiritual landscape.  It includes landforms, waters, air, trees, rocks, plants, animals, foods, medicines, minerals, the sky and sea as well as sacred places. It includes cultural practice, kinship, knowledge, ceremony, songs, stories and art, as well as spiritual beings, and people: past, present and future.

Greater Sydney LLS recognises and respects Elders and cultural knowledge holders, both past and present, while acknowledging and respecting the unique and diverse enduring cultures and histories of all First Nations people.

Greater Sydney LLS recognises that Caring for Country, the protection and promotion of First Nations cultures, heritage, land management practices and spiritual beliefs are paramount to the relationship with Country and that this benefits the whole community. By supporting self-determined futures and strengthening cultural values for First Nations people, Greater Sydney LLS can contribute towards improved relationships and resilient sustainable communities in the region.

(*Please note: the term First Nations people and communities, honours the unique physical and spiritual relationships to Country and acknowledges the diversity of cultural, social, economic and political structures held by the distinct First Nations of this continent.)

Caring for Country

Caring for Country is embodied in First Nations culture and beliefs, ensuring Country and the physical and spiritual features as well as the beings within it remain healthy and balanced through sustainable approaches, for generations to come. The features and beings within Country, be it land, water, fire, animals, plants, places, natural features and even seasons are respected and cared for with a deep dignity and abiding respect, following enduring traditions and practices. Through this intricate understanding First Nations people view this responsibility through an interconnected web of kinship, physically and spiritually binding people and Country.

In acknowledging this impact and the importance Country holds to First Nations communities in the Greater Sydney region, Greater Sydney LLS are seeking initial Expressions of Interest (EOI) for Caring for Country projects in 2021 – 22 that support First Nations communities to continue their deep and reciprocal relationship with Country and all this represents.

Greater Sydney LLS has developed Caring for Country guidelines that may assist First Nations organisations and groups in developing or enhancing approaches that provide benefit to Country, First Nations communities and people with connections to that Country. For further information and guidance on approaches to projects please refer to the GS LLS Caring for Country Guidelines.

The EOI process is intended to assist Greater Sydney LLS in facilitating Caring for Country projects, proposed by First Nations groups or partnerships approaches from within the Greater Sydney region aimed at managing the health of Country and supporting the continuation of First Nations people’s connection with and sense of belonging to Country.

EOIs form can be found HERE, with the initial funding round closing: 5pm Wednesday 18 August 2021.

Aboriginal Advisory Group

Seeking new AAG members

The AAG is a local community advisory group established under the Local Land Services Act. 2013 for the Greater Sydney LLS Board.  The AAG was founded to progress activities within its charter including consultation with First Nations people on the strategic direction of Greater Sydney LLS and make appropriate recommendations to the Board. The inclusion of Aboriginal community engagement at both a state and local level is a highly important aspect for Greater Sydney LLS and with the guidance of the local AAG, Greater Sydney LLS can achieve inclusive outcomes in its business through advice on the engagement of Aboriginal communities.

Within the Greater Sydney region there is a complex and multi-layered Aboriginal community, therefore Greater Sydney LLS actively seeks guidance and collaboration through the AAG to shape and deliver its outcomes. Through the AAG, strategies, plans and projects are carefully and culturally considered, so outcomes on Country assist First Nations communities to realise meaningful and achievable results.

Greater Sydney LLS and the AAG are seeking applications from Aboriginal community members living within the Greater Sydney  region, to express their interest in membership vacancies that exist on the Greater Sydney LLS Aboriginal Advisory Group (AAG). This Expression of Interest (EOI) process seeks to select and appoint three Aboriginal representative members, for a 4-year term, to join the existing four Aboriginal representative members that comprise the Aboriginal representatives of the AAG (up to 7 in total).

EOIs will be assessed and candidates interviewed by a selection panel to assess their skills and experience, with recommendations provided to the AAG and Greater Sydney LLS Board for consideration and endorsement.

If you are interested in putting forward and EOI for the AAG please click HERE.

EOIs are now open and close at 5pm Sunday 22 August 2021 and will be assessed within one month.

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