The State of Bushcare and Landcare 2019/20

Greater Sydney Local Land Services has released the results of the latest landcare and bushcare survey. The State of Bushcare and Landcare in Greater Sydney 2019/20 report highlighted just how integral our landcare and bushcare volunteers are to the enhancement, maintenance and protection of Sydney’s unique and beautiful bushland.

Nearly 1000 groups were engaged in bushcare or landcare activities, with 8850 regular volunteers and 4700 one-off volunteers. In the 2019/20 financial year, landcare and bushcare volunteers contributed more than 150,000 hours of environmental work. This equates to an incredible $6.3 million in in-kind labour costs.

Volunteer numbers and hours increased from the previous survey in 2017/18, which is pleasing given the reduction in activity due to COVID-19 in the second half of the survey reporting period.

The survey results indicated that funding security, workload management and volunteer recruitment continue to be important issues for our environmental groups.

Greater Sydney Local Land Services provided $220,814 to Landcare and Bushcare, supporting them to continue work restoring and maintaining environmental assets. Funding was provided via the NSW Landcare Program, the NSW Environment Trust Every Bit Counts Program, Catchment Action NSW and the National Landcare Program.

In addition to Local Land Services, bushcare groups were supported by other local councils, National Parks staff and Local Landcare coordinators. Landcare groups reported that they received support from local councils and the Greater Sydney Landcare Network.

Read the full report for more information.

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