Bushcare Boosters

Bushcare Boosters

The Bushcare Boosters workshop program aims to assist bushcare coordinators to help volunteers value and understand their Bushcare work as part of the big picture of biodiversity restoration across Australia. The program encourages recognition of the interconnectedness of work across all sites, big or small and its contribution to habitat health and landscape change. Three modules were produced:

Module 1 covers weed characteristics, basic weed control techniques, and general safe work practices and methodology

  1. Bushcare Booster Module 1 Working Safely and Weed
    Control Techniques Participants Workbook
  2. Bushcare Booster Module 1 Working Safely and Weed
    Control Techniques Facilitator's Notes

Module 2 helps participants to understand the values and key concepts of Bushcare and provides guidelines for developing action plans for Bushcare sites

Module 3 looks at the often forgotten side of the Bushcare equation, the fauna. While it will not give you detailed solutions for every situation, we aim to provide some tips for making your Bushcare project as fauna friendly as possible.