Pest species control

For landowners across NSW, pests can cause serious detrimental effects on the environment and our biosecurity. Under to the Biosecurity Act pest animals are any species (other than native species) that present a biosecurity threat.

It’s everyone’s responsibility to manage the biosecurity risks posed by pest animals.

Pest animal management is important for the safety and biosecurity of NSW. Pest animals have detrimental effects on our environment, community and economy – and have cost NSW hundreds of millions of dollars.

Regional Strategic Pest Animal Management Plans have been developed for landowners to understand how to control pest species and their impacts.

They outline how government, industries and the community can work together and share the responsibility to eradicate, contain or manage pest animals across the region.

Read your Regional Strategic Pest Animal Management Plan.

Pest animals in your region

Below is advice on how to manage individual pest species on your land:

For more information on pest species and biosecurity, visit PestSmart and the Department of Primary Industries.

Otherwise, please your local Biosecurity Officer for pest animal management advice.

About Regional Strategic Pest Animal Management Plans

Regional Strategic Pest Animal Management Plans are a strategic regional approach to improving biosecurity across NSW.

The purpose of the plans is to protect the environment, community and economy from the negative impacts of pest animals and support positive biosecurity outcomes.

Through community participation to reduce pest animals in NSW, the Regional Strategic Pest Animal Management Plan work through community participation and shared responsibility to reduce pest animals in NSW:

  • exclude and prevent new invasive species
  • eradicate or contain the spread of new invasive species
  • effectively manage and reduce the impacts of widespread invasive species
  • ensure NSW has the ability and commitment to manage invasive species.

Read your Regional Pest Animal Management Plan.

How Local Land Services can help with pest animal management

We can support your pest management programs through advice, training and support.

We advise and teach through relevant training programs so that pest control management is best practice, effective and safe.

If you’d like to know more, check for events coming up in your region or contact your Local Land Services office.

Our free online Vertebrate Pesticide Induction Training course will ensure you are suitably accredited to use baits and pesticides.

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