Feral deer

Feral deer, including fallow, rusa, red, sambar and chital deer, are an expanding group of pest species and can be found in most regions of NSW.

Impact of feral deer

Feral deer can have a significant impact on the environment and community in NSW. They can be considered a public nuisance – feeding on garden plants and sometimes causing motor vehicle and railway accidents.

Other impacts include livestock competition, crop and fencing damage, and livestock injuries and disease.

Feral deer control

Feral deer control across the region is complex due to some populations being managed as ‘pests’ and others as ‘game’ animals. For more information on this, visit the Department of Primary Industries.

Local Land Services is working with government agencies to control feral deer populations, to protect land and livestock and minimise threats to public safety.

For more information on pest species and biosecurity, visit Pestsmart and the Department of Primary Industries.

Otherwise, please contact your local Biosecurity Officer if you require feral deer pest animal management advice or would like to know more about NSW feral deer management strategies.

Regional Strategic Pest Animal Management Plans

We've worked with regional pest animal committees and the community to develop regional strategic pest animal management plans in each of our 11 Local Land Services regions.

Your Regional Strategic Pest Animal Management Plans will tell you what priority pest animal pest animals you need to manage and how.

Read your Regional Strategic Pest Animal Management Plan:

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