Bait collection

Baiting on your land is one tool in the toolbox to effectively manage pest animals. Local Land Services works with landholders to provide training programs, and supply baits for pest animal management activities on-farm.

Information about collecting baits

To order baits you need to call the biosecurity officer at your chosen pick up location at least 3 days before the collection date. Our staff will be able to step you through what you need to know about bait collection.

There are bait collection points across each region. Go to your regional bait collection page to see locations and find your closest point. You can also call your local biosecurity officer for alternate arrangements.

Some important points about collecting your baits.

  • On the day it’s vital you have a safe way of transporting your baits home - they can’t be in the vicinity of children, animals or foodstuff. Many landholders lock them in a toolbox on the tray of the ute.
  • You must call the contact listed for the location you wish to attend - they will help you order your baits and step you through what you need to know.
  • Fresh meat baits and commercially prepared Foxoff baits are available, please contact our offices for current prices.
  • You will need to bring your current certification card.
Small red fox looking directly at the camera, caught mid walk in a green field
Bait collection in the Murray region

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Side profile of a wild rabbit in grassland
Bait collection in the Riverina region

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red fox with a white chest standing in short grass looking directly at the camera
Bait collection in the South East region

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Red fox with its tongue sticking out standing in long green grass
Bait collection in the Northern Tablelands

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