Authorised Campaign for pest control

The primary information required by NSW Police Force Firearms Registry is advice if a Category D applicant, who is also a primary producer, is participating in an Authorised Campaign.

Where there are significant outbreaks of vertebrate pests within a region, Local Land Services will work with affected landholders to assist with coordination of a control program so landholders effectively manage the pest animals.

An ‘Authorised Campaign’ is defined as a campaign which only relates to control/eradication programs for large pest animals or livestock which may be impacted or display symptoms of diseases such as brucellosis, tuberculosis, lumpy skin disease, foot and mouth disease or any other serious disease of livestock, exotic or otherwise where control/eradication is required.

An 'Authorised Campaign' is:

  1. one that is conducted by or on behalf of a government agency or public authority (for example, organised, coordinated, or delivered by Local Land Services) and;
  2. involves the active participation of a group of 5 or more holdings of different ownership and:

      a. be a Feral Animal Aerial Shooting Team (FAAST) program planned and coordinated by Local Land Services (within the previous 12 months from receiving the request for information from the NSW Firearms Registry), or;

      b. be an integrated control approach utilising two or more of the following control tools (within the previous 12 months from receiving the request for information from the NSW Firearms Registry):

      • trapping
      • 1080 /sodium nitrate poisoning
      • ground shooting, or
      • aerial shooting.

For the purpose of defining an ‘Authorised Campaign’, large pest animals is taken to include feral pigs, feral goats, feral deer (all species), wild donkeys, wild horses and feral camels. Large pest animal does not include foxes, wild dogs, feral cats or rabbits.

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