Pest fish

Pest fish, such as the common carp, can have major impacts on freshwater ecosystems and native species across NSW.

Impact of pest fish

These pest fish are a major environmental pest, impacting native species and ecosystems through predation, competition for resources and disrupting freshwater environments.

Controlling pest fish

Almost all fish species are difficult to control once established, but biological control offers some hope in controlling widespread water pest species.

Taking care when disposing of unwanted fish and being aware of unusual species can lead to better protection of our community and our waterways.

For more information on pest species and biosecurity, visit Pestsmart and the Department of Primary Industries.

To find out more about pest fish species in your region, please contact your local Biosecurity Officer.

Regional Strategic Pest Animal Management Plans

We've worked with regional pest animal committees and the community to develop regional strategic pest animal management plans in each of our 11 Local Land Services regions.

Your Regional Strategic Pest Animal Management Plans will tell you what priority pest animal pest animals you need to manage and how.

Read your Regional Strategic Pest Animal Management Plan:

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