Livestock advice

Local Land Services is on the ground to support livestock managers across NSW.

Our district veterinarians and Land Services Officers live and work in your region to provide support and advice on agriculture, biosecurity, natural resource management and emergency management.

About our District Veterinarian network

Your District Veterinarian is a valuable resource for local and independent advice on biosecurity and animal health issues.

They can investigate herd and flock problems to help maintain a productive and secure local livestock industry.

Their work helps protect the NSW economy, environment and community, and meet national and state standards and outcomes.

Your District Veterinarian can assist you with:

  • animal biosecurity and welfare services, including prevention, preparedness, detection and response to animal diseases and animal welfare issues
  • livestock biosecurity concerns
  • improving livestock health and profitability
  • collaboration with other agencies during emergency management responses.

If you need help from your District Veterinarian, please contact us.

About our Local Land Services officers

Our Land Services officers support farmers to manage their landscapes and livestock. They provide timely, effective and quality advice and services to you — the rural landholder and industry group.

Your Land Service Officer carries extensive knowledge on livestock production and will provide you with relevant:

  • advice and information on managing land and pastures
  • livestock management and nutritional advice
  • natural resource management advice
  • land management legislation and related applications
  • delivery of emergency planning.

If you need help from your local Land Services officer, please reach out to us.

Articles and publications

Our staff produce a wide range of resources to support livestock health and management.

See what information is available to support your grazing enterprise.

The NSW Department of Primary Industries also carry a wide range of articles and publications to support livestock management.

Contact your local staff

If you’re unsure which region you’re in, you can look it up below.

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