Whether you have a commercial enterprise or only one pig, there are a number of “must do’s” for pig owners.

  1. Register your property for a Property Identification Code (PIC). Find out more about PICs here.
  2. Identify your pigs – individual pigs must be identified when moved, sold or processed at an abattoir. Find out more about pig identification here.
  3. Register on the Pig Pass database. You will then receive a National Vendor Declaration (NVD) which you need when you move and/or sell your pigs, or have them processed at an abattoir. To register, visit www.pigpass.com.au or phone the PigPass Help Desk on 1800 001 458.
  4. Keep your pigs healthy and know what you can and can’t feed them. It is against the law to feed pigs meat, meat products and other foods that have been in contact with meat (swill). Find out more about swill feeding.
  5. Report unusual/notifiable diseases to the Emergency animal disease watch hotline 1800 675 888.

All pigs must be properly identified by NLIS eartag or brand and must be accompanied by an approved movement document (pig pass) whenever they leave the property, even if it is only temporarily.

Find out more about managing your pigs safely

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