Feral or domestic cat in the wild


Whether a feral or your favoured feline, cats can roam far and wide to decimate our wildlife.

They are effective predators and have adapted to some of Australia's harshest conditions, decimating small mammals, bird, lizards and insects.

Around 80 endangered and threatened species are at risk thanks to feral cats, so it is important we understand the broader impact of the feral cat population, as well as control our pets.

The biggest thing you can do is to keep your favoured feline inside at night and take the pressure off our native animals.

Understand the issue

The following resources will help you limit your cat's impact on local wildlife and understand the impact of feral cats in Australia.

Where to get more information

To better understand pest management issues in your region, please read your Regional Strategic Pest Animal Management Plan.

For further information on cats in Australia, their impacts and resources please visit the PestSmart website.

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