Pest animal control for small landholders

Pest animals

All landholders, whether on an urban house block, a 10ha hobby farm or a 1000ha cattle production enterprise have a responsibility to control pest animal species and prevent new pest animals from establishing on their land. This is part of your General Biosecurity Duty

Know your General Biosecurity Duty.

Pest animals impact our economy, environment and community through predation on livestock, lowering the production outputs of agricultural lands or degrading our natural biodiversity assets.

Pest animals:

  • prey on livestock and wildlife
  • increase grazing pressure on pastures
  • damage crops and plants
  • compete with native wildlife for food and habitat
  • spread diseases to people and other animals (including stock and pets)
  • damage fences and other infrastructure.

Pest management resources

Click on the animals below for the relevant information.

General pest control

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Fox image for small landholders

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Feral pig image for small landholders
Feral pigs

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Wild dog image for small landholders
Wild dogs

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Wild deer image for small landholders
Feral deer

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Feral cat or domestic cat in the wild

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Every bit counts cane toad small landholders
Other and unusual pest animals

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Report pest incursions
Report sightings and impacts

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