4 Valleys Program

Agriculture Protecting Drinking Water

Hunter Local Land Services and Hunter Water Corporation are collaborating to deliver a long-term program for landholders in the drinking water catchments of the Paterson, Allyn, Chichester and Williams River valleys.

Our aim is to safeguard water quality and environmental values while enhancing farm productivity and profitability.

Our approach is to showcase practices and systems for riparian, bushland and grazing management which are win-win for landholders and the environment.

Key elements of the program are:

  • Grazing management courses
  • A farm planning program
  • Field days and workshops
  • An incentives program
  • A landholder survey


Strategic grazing applies a range of tactics to manage predicted seasonal plant growth to meet objectives for pasture, animal production and environmental condition.

It focuses on both production and environmental objectives.


The farm planning program will run for seven days across 2023-2024, and covers grazing, vegetation management, farm water, soil health and lots more.


We will be hosting field days looking at:

  • Pasture assessment
  • Grazing management - PROGRAZE™
  • Dung Beetles – Autumn 2024
  • Maintaining riparian condition for water quality, habitat and farm management
  • Soil health, fertility and biology
  • Topics of interest identified from participants


Please stay tuned as we are developing an insightful survey to capture what you would like to know more about! In the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out to the contacts below.


Funding is available for landholders in the drinking water catchments of the Paterson, Allyn, Williams and Chichester Rivers to improve land management practices that reduce the risk to drinking water.

Incentives are available to carry out on-farm projects. Funding will favour projects which safeguard drinking water quality and demonstrate a whole of property approach to grazing and environmental management.

Four Valleys Sustainable Agriculture Incentives 2023 - 2025 (via EOI process)


To express your interest in any of the program activities, please click this link.


David Deane, Land Services Officer - Pastures, 4 Valleys Program Officer M: 0411 108 961 E: david.deane@lls.nsw.gov.au

Col Freeman, Sustainable Agriculture Extension Officer M: 0428 043 427 E: col.freeman@lls.nsw.gov.au

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