Planting and revegetation around waterways

Native vegetation around waterways has many benefits for water quality, farm productivity and biodiversity.

Revegetating waterways with native vegetation that is climate-ready will help landscapes adapt to a changing climate.

Plant list for waterways in Central Tablelands NSW

This plant list for waterways in the Central Tablelands provides general guidance on suitable plants and their placement for revegetating waterways in the region.

This list is a guide to common plants suitable for the different zones of a waterway – deep water, shallow water, water's edge, low bank and high bank. These species have been selected based on their suitability to the conditions of each planting zone along the waterway cross section, as well as their capacity to adapt to a changing climate. Planting a few different species within each planting zone and overlapping between zonal boundaries is the best strategy for a healthy and climate-ready waterway.

Riparian planting guide showing where plants should be planted in relation to the waterway.
Riparian planting guide showing where plants should be planted in relation to the waterway

Download the Central Tablelands Planting Guide for inland waterways. PDF, 496.89 KB

Source local seedlings

Source seedlings and advice from reputable native plant nurseries. Where possible go for those that are locally sourced or propagated. For planting techniques and specific species list for your local area including more information on strategies for a healthy and climate ready waterway contact Local Land Services or your Landcare group.

Revegetation and planting tips and tricks

There is much to consider when undertaking a project to revegetate a riparian zone.  It’s important the appropriate planning, preparation and understanding of what is involved is known prior to committing to the project, to ensure it has the best chance of succeeding.

This resource aims to provide such advice which can then be incorporated into your project planning and implementation, including:

  • species selection
  • the importance of a planting plan
  • site preparation
  • timing of planting
  • the importance of timely and appropriate maintenance.

Download the revegetation and planting tips and tricks fact sheet PDF, 528.9 KB for more advice.

Find out more

To get more information about revegetation, planting and riparian zones, speak with a Local Land Services staff member via 1300 795 299.

Navigating approvals for riparian and in-stream works

This guideline is a decision-making tool to assist members of the community to understand and obtain approval for riparian and in-stream works, being works within and/or adjacent to a waterway including freshwater waterways, rivers, and estuaries. The guideline predominantly relates to riparian and instream works including erosion protection and remediation.

Learn more about how to get the right approvals in our riparian and in-stream works community guidelines.

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