Soils and Land

The foundation of sustainable land management and overall ecosystem health is soil management.

Healthy and stable soils underpin agricultural productivity and provide us with food, vegetation and fibre production. Soils perform important services such as filtering pollutants, absorbing water to reduce flooding and degrading organic waste.

Without proper management, soils can become degraded, leading to reduced vegetation and water quality which puts our agricultural industries at risk. It is important to make sure that soils and landscapes are maintained and looked after.

Our staff are on the ground to support services and activities that address key issues such as:

  • soil fertility - salinity, acidity, nutrients
  • soil biology - the number, condition and type of soil biota
  • physical characteristics - structure, sodicity and erosion.

Supporting healthy soils and landscapes is critical to resilient, profitable and sustainable farm businesses.

Projects and programs in your region

South East

Building a Resilient Future - Local Land Stewards Program.

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