Building a Resilient Future - Local Land Stewards Program

The Local Land Stewards program assists land managers increase their groundcover, herbage mass, pasture species diversity and percentage of perennial plants by improving their ability to manage their stock and rest pastures.

To achieve this, South East Local Land Services has offered incentives of approximately $10,000 to 24 land managers in Boorowa, Upper Lachlan and Yass Valley to sub-divide paddocks and install additional water points for sustainable grazing management.

Increasing biomass, above and below ground leads to improvements in soil health, soil carbon and water infiltration. Many soil types in our area are highly erodible and prone to salinity. Increasing groundcover and deep rooted plants reduces these risks, protects our soils and waterways and prevents the need to remediate at a later date.

Giving pastures time to rest allows grasses to set seed and regenerate, increasing pasture species diversity. Increasing diversity increases resilience to changing weather and climate, can decrease weed invasion and provides a varied diet for livestock and wildlife including native birds.

The below video showcases some of the work happening in the Booroowa, Upper Lachlan and Yass regions as part of this Local Lands Stewards Program.

Landholders are encouraged to attend and participate in a local grazing group to discuss their own grazing management practices with peers and mentors.

For more information about the Local Land Stewards program or implementing sustainable grazing management on your property, please contact Melissa Henry, Senior NRM Advisor on 0438 452 109 or

This project is delivered by South East Local Land Services though funding from the Australian Government.

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