South East Aboriginal Engagement Strategy Action Plan

South East Local Land Services (South East LLS) is committed to meaningful partnerships and support for local First Nations communities to Care for Country. As such, South East LLS has developed a new South East Aboriginal Engagement Strategy Action Plan PDF, 1591.8 KB, to guide our engagement and support for local First Nations communities and landholders, within our available resources. This Plan identifies four main outcomes:

  • Enriching Relationships through partnerships with Aboriginal community, and acknowledgement of Traditional Owners, and increased participation in programs
  • Creating opportunities which are both meaningful and have a positive impact providing opportunities for self-determination. Aboriginal organisations and businesses will be supported to succeed and grow
  • Enhancing respect by strengthening our Aboriginal workforce across all divisions and at all levels for Aboriginal people and communities. Underpinned by the provision of holistic support across the whole-of-employee lifecycle, to ensure understanding and consideration of the complex web of extended family and community responsibilities of Aboriginal people
  • Building understanding in our workforce of traditional Aboriginal culture, traditions and values, with particular focus on senior executive, managers, staff and board members.

These four outcomes provide the framework for seven objectives and 24 regionally specific actions within the Plan. Your feedback on these will help us ensure the Plan is focusing on our local context and First Nations communities.

Creating the plan

A draft was developed based on the framework provided by the state-wide Local Land Services Aboriginal Engagement Strategy, and developed from what we know from working with Aboriginal communities over the past 5+ years.

From September to November 2023 the draft Strategy Action Plan was provided to Aboriginal community and staff at Local Land Services to read and provide feedback through conversations and an online survey.

The local Aboriginal community was invited to provide feedback through an online survey. Email invitations were extended to:

  • Aboriginal owned and managed organisations
  • organisations which provide services to the local Aboriginal community
  • local Aboriginal people, and
  • staff who are Aboriginal or work with Aboriginal colleagues and community, develop policy for or provide services to the Aboriginal community.

Local Aboriginal Land Councils in the South East region were invited to have a conversation about their aspirations and strengths, and how they would like to work with us in future. Eleven structured conversations were had which shaped the Plan, alongside feedback provided by staff and community through the survey.

More information

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South East Aboriginal Engagement Strategy Action Plan

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