Seed collection and propagation workshop for Shoalhaven Aboriginal Community

September 2021

Leanne Brook, Aboriginal Community Support Officer.

Members of the Shoalhaven Aboriginal Community gathered recently to attend a seed collecting and propagation workshop delivered by South Coast Native Seeds.

The workshop provided the skills and training necessary for participants to identify endemic native plants from the Shoalhaven.

Much of the focus was on allocasuarina species. Allocasurinas are a key food source for black cockatoos, a significant species for Aboriginal people in the Shoalhaven. You can learn more about the story and significance of black cockatoos by watching this video from the Firesticks Alliance explaining the connection between casuarinas, black cockatoos and traditional fire management practices.

Identifying, collecting and propagating native seeds also helps Aboriginal people connect with Culture. It is important to spend time on Country and learn about the culturally significant plants that are used for food, medicine, craft, ceremony and as environmental indicators for things like when to burn certain Country, or when certain food sources will be available.

Inspecting seed collection at the workshop Identinfying seeds in the field.

The workshop was supported by South East Local Land Services via the Australian Government’s Habitat and Wildlife Recovery fund.

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