Summerland House

Summerland House Farm is a disability services enterprise on the north coast. During planning for expansion of an avocado plantation, expert native vegetation identification and advice from Local Land Services led to the discovery of a rare plant species growing on paddock trees that were to be removed. Under the Land Management Code, a solution was found that allowed the plantation to proceed while conserving and protecting an endangered species.

“We had some earth works to do and some roads and a lot of avocado trees to put in. We wanted to make sure we did it by the book and were not hurting any of the rainforest. In changing the plantation plans on the farm, we didn’t lose much avocado crop and by saving the Mistletoe, it was a win-win situation.”

- Cameron Delaney, Site Services Manager, Summerland House Farm

Read the full Summerland House Case case study here

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