Northern Rivers Farms

The suite of land management tools offered through Local Land Services is allowing Kristian Randall and his family to develop an integrated primary production business at their property, Northern Rivers Farms.

Some of the forested areas will be thinned under the Pasture Expansion section of the Land Management Code to provide shaded paddocks for cattle.

Other areas will be harvested under a Private Native Forestry plan. This will allow several income streams through timber, apiary operations and goats.

In establishing their farm, the Randalls also sought out and welcomed advice from Local Land Services on a range of topics from animal health to biosecurity.

“So the challenge is really to be able to understand your property and to be able to use a framework to develop that property into some productive farmland. The Land Management Framework has been flexible enough to work with us so I get what I want out of the property and I am working within the legislative framework.”

- Kristian Randall, owner, Northern Rivers Farms

Read the full Northern Rivers Farms case study here

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