Bellenbar is a nearly 14,000 hectare property near Fords Bridge in far western NSW that currently runs about 1,000 goats. It is overun by invasive native species of vegetation, mainly Turpentine but also Narrow-leaf hopbush and Budda.

Competition from these species means there is little to no native grass cover, which has significantly reduced the property’s grazing capacity and the lack of groundcover in the form of grasses is also contributing to poor soil health and lack of moisture penetration.

Under the Land Management Code, owners Dave and Tracey Hegarty, have a certificate to remove the invasive native species gradually over the 15 year life of their approval to promote native grass growth.

Over time, stock numbers will be built up and managed in a rotational grazing system to help ensure the former scrub dominated areas are maintained as a natural environment of grassy open woodland.

“The thing is with these invasive native species is that they really strangle the country, they don’t let the grass grow or let any air or water in. I feel despondent sometimes because I can have rain but it can’t soak in”
- Dave Hegarty, Owner, Bellenbar

Read the full Bellenbar case study here.

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