Productive Producer podcast series

The Productive Producer podcast series is designed specifically for producers across the Northern Tablelands.

All topics featured in the podcasts have a strong focus on production.  Regardless of the theme, subjects are relatable to their practical application on farm.

The Productive Producer podcast series offers concepts and opinions on different aspects of production, some that producers will be familiar with, others that producers are looking into and would like to learn more about.

For more information about any of the podcasts in this series, please contact Northern Tablelands Local Land Services Livestock Officer, Max Newsome, on 0427 007 190.

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Episode 1: Managing flocks pre-joining

Joining of ewes in the Northern Tablelands is just around the corner. Today's guest, Brent McLeod Senior Land Services Officer - Sheep, discusses key considerations that producers need to be looking at to ensure successful conception levels are achieved.

Episode 2: Winter forage crop considerations

Scattered rain across the region has producers looking at winter forage crops to aid in bridging the winter feed gap. In this episode, podcast host, Max Newsome, chats about winter crop options and considerations with two of the agronomists at Northern Tablelands Local Land Services - Georgie Oakes and Daniel White.

Episode 3: Summer/autumn livestock health

Optimising animal health is a driver of production and profitability in livestock enterprises. Northern Tablelands Local Land Services District Vet, Nigel Brown, chats about what he is seeing at the moment, what to be on the look out for and what needs to be managed in the coming months.

Episode 4: Weeds impacting production in the Northern Tablelands

Producers invest a lot of time, effort and money in the control, prevention and management of weeds. The impact of weeds in Australian agriculture alone, is estimated to be $1.8 billion in control and $2.5 billion in lost production. In today’s episode, Northern Tablelands LLS District Agronomist, Jeff Lowein, and Regional Weeds Coordinator, Jonathon Lawson, talk weed management moving forward.

Episode 5: Pasture management moving forward

Pasture management is a critical factor in the profitability and production levels achieved in a grazing enterprise. Post drought rainfall has seen pastures respond at different rates and with varied levels of success. Northern Tablelands Local Land Services Agronomist, Jeff Lowien, and NSW DPI Research Scientist, Carol Harris, discuss management of these pastures moving forward.

Episode 6: Livestock sales in the world of COVID-19

Covid-19 is impacting all aspects of our lives. This includes how we go about livestock sales and purchases. In this episode Australian Livestock and Property Agents Association CEO Peter Baldwin talks about Covid-19 restrictions at saleyards and what you need to know for your operation.

Episode 7 (part 1): Preg scanning and purchased ewe management

Across the Northern Tablelands many producers currently have their rams out joining. This episode discusses how graziers can best manage their flock from joining onwards to help ensure maximum production levels are achieved for 2020. Guests on this episode are Tim Lawrence, Reproduction Scanner, and back again is Brent McLeod, Northern Tablelands LLS Senior Livestock Officer (Sheep).

Episode 7 (part 2): Preg scanning and purchased ewe management

This episode is Part 2 of the conversation above with Tim Lawrence, Reproduction Scanner, and Brent McLeod, Northern Tablelands LLS Senior Livestock Officer (Sheep). The conversation talks about management strategies and options for the different classes of ewes after preg scanning.

Episode 8: Bull buying

It’s that time of year again where bull sales are beginning to crank into gear. Listen into the conversation with guests, Northern Tablelands Local Land Services District Vet, Lisa Martin, and Livestock Officer, Tahnee Manton, as we discuss breeding objectives, buying strategies in the world of Covid-19, bull health and how to get the most out of your breeding enterprise.

Episode 9: Winter crop grazing

As we enter the colder months, winter forage and dual-purpose crops are being grazed. On today's conversation, Georgie Oakes, Senior Agronomist at Northern Tablelands LLS, discusses some key considerations when grazing winter crops and how to get the most from them.

Episode 10: Maximising production from dry standing feed

Late summer and early autumn rain came just in time for a bulk of feed to grow before winter. The cool temperatures have caused much of it to hay off and decrease in quality. Listen in to the conversation for some strategies for increasing livestock production from dry standing feed. On today’s conversation Teresa Hogan, Land Services Officer – Livestock, from Hunter LLS joins host Max Newsome to talk production tactics.

Episode 11: Feeding poddy calves and lambs

With calves currently hitting the ground and spring lambing just around the corner, it is poddy season - even for the best of us. High stock prices really make it worth putting the work into looking after these motherless calves and lambs. Listen in to the conversation with Northern Tablelands Local Land Services District Vet ,Nigel Brown, who gives great tips and tricks for getting these poddies off to a good start in life.

Episode 12: Wether Trial

The wether trial has enabled Northern Tableland sheep breeders to benchmark the performance of their flocks against other producers in the district since it began in 1979. Listen in to the conversation as current participants John Chappell and Anthony Uren share their experiences.

Episode 13: Calf Marking

Calf marking has come around again. Northern Tablelands Local Land Services District Vet, Dr Lisa Martin, has some great tips for graziers to manage this process.

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