Local Strategic Plan

Northern Tablelands Local Strategic Plan

Each of the 11 Local Land Services regions has developed a local strategic plan. Each region has identified local priorities and determined how the goals and strategies of the State Strategic Plan are best achieved.

The five-year Northern Tablelands Local Strategic Plan contributes to the goals in the State Strategic Plan through the alignment of local initiatives to the State direction, tailored to the specific needs of our region.

The Local Strategic Plan shows how business systems, functions and services of Northern Tablelands Local Land Services integrate to provide value for money for our customers, stakeholders and investors.

A series of performance indicators provide guidance on what success will look like and how investors and stakeholders will be able to measure our performance. Success will be driven by local decision making and service delivery supported by a transparent, responsive and accountable local board. This will be combined with the benefits of greater consistency, leverage and more effective use of resources stemming from being part of one organisation.