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Production Advice & NRM News is our monthly newsletter that contains updates on our various projects and achievements throughout the region, profiles on our staff and how they carry out our services, reports on events and workshops, and general news about agriculture, biosecurity and natural resource management.

Regional Roundup is sent out monthly and contains information on all the relevant events, learning opportunities and funding opportunities currently available in the region and beyond.

Small Farms Network e-newsletter is aimed at the small landholder whose primary source of income is not farming but who is a land manager and stock animal owner. It offers advice and information tailored to you, your property and your interests. It is designed to help you manage animal health and biosecurity issues, play your part in controlling pests and weeds, and enhance your land through good environmental practices.

Production Alerts are sent out on an as-needs basis and contain important, real-time information about pest, disease and climatic threats.

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Dunns Rd and Green Valley fires

To provide tailored advice and information to landholders impacted by the Dunns Road and Green Valley fires we've set up a specific newsletter list. If you'd like updates, please fill in your details and we'll be in touch soon ... click here.