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Paula SheehanSandy DellwoBy Sandy Dellwo - Regional Agricultural Landcare Facilitator 
and Paula Sheehan -  Regional Landcare Coordinator

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Landcare is a community-based approach in which participants work together to care for the land and manage our natural resources. In doing so, they improve the productivity and sustainability of farms, improve biodiversity and build more cohesive and resilient communities.

Landcare enables people to actively care for natural resources within their communities in ways that suit their needs and interests.

Within the Murray Local Land Services region, there are several roles to support Landcare and community groups with a focus on agriculture, environment, culture and water.

Regional and Local Landcare Coordinators

One Regional Landcare Coordinator and six Local Landcare Coordinators are hosted by local organisations across the region. The Landcare Coordinators are a key resource whose role is to empower people to act on local natural resource management, sustainable agriculture and environmental problems and deliver outcomes both locally and across the region.

The Landcare Coordinators are the backbone of the NSW Landcare Program, a collaborative initiative of Local Land Services and Landcare NSW.

Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator

One Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator (RALF) role is based within the region and is a key component of the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program - working with Landcare, producer groups and landholders to help improve the sustainability, productivity and profitability of agriculture.

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Get to know your Landcare support team in the Murray region:

Map of Murray Landcare Collective members in Murray region of New South Wales

Map of the Murray region of NSW showing the members of the Murray Landcare Collective as red stars.

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