Mice management

Monitoring, detection and integrated management across farm is crucial for reducing the risk of mouse impacts.

To assist landholders, Local Land Services has compiled practical tips and advice from industry leaders in mice management, such as the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) and CSIRO:

Landholders can also find this information in Tips and Tactics: Better Mouse Management that has been produced by the GRDC and CSIRO.

NSW Mice monitoring tool

Local Land Services has worked with Cotton Info to develop a mouse monitoring tool, which can help you make better-informed management decisions.

To work effectively, we need you to use mouse chew cards and record your results by filling out a quick online form. The results are then fed into an online dashboard to help track when populations are increasing in your area.

Get Started with the mice monitoring tool

Mice update

In September 2021, CSIRO researcher Steve Henry provided the latest update on mouse numbers and timely advice on spring mouse management in winter crops and in the lead up to summer crop sowing.

You can watch the lastest update from GRDC on their website. You can also view the latest national report monitoring mice from August 2021 on the GRDC website and download a copy.

NSW Government Mice Control Program

The NSW Government has a range of support programs to assist landholders with the impacts of mice. These include:

  • Rebates for eligible primary producers to help cover the cost of buying zinc phosphide
  • Cash rebates for eligible small businesses and households to help cover the cost of mouse baits, traps and cleaning products.

For more information about these rebates, visit www.nsw.gov.au/mice.


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