Animal disease control

Contagious animal diseases can have a serious impact on livestock activity, trade and even human health.

It’s important to look after our livestock and agricultural industry and protect them from diseases.

In order to do this, NSW has a range of disease control measures including:

  • methods to detect and report animal diseases early through surveillance
  • programs to increase general awareness of what is 'normal' and what is 'suspect'
  • strategies to protect domestic and export markets
  • effective early biosecurity management of animal diseases.

Maintaining good animal health is good business. Our district veterinarians are on the ground to support livestock managers across NSW to assist with diagnosing common livestock diseases to maintain stock health and production levels.

The recent confirmation of foot and mouth disease and lumpy skin disease in countries close to our borders is a stark reminder of the threat of exotic animal diseases and other biosecurity risks. Find out more about emergency animal diseases and what you can do to protect your farm and industry.

Notifiable pests and diseases of animals in NSW

If you suspect or know of a notifiable animal disease, you have a legal obligation to report it immediately.

A list of notifiable diseases is available here.

What is a notifiable animal disease?

A number of diseases are listed as notifiable because they are exotic to Australia (such as foot and mouth disease and rabies). If they establish here they could impact severely on animal health, trade, livestock production, human health or the environment.

Some other diseases that already exist in Australia are notifiable, as:

  • there is a disease control program in place
  • there is a risk of zoonotic disease
  • the disease occurs in parts of Australia other than NSW, or
  • because livestock, livestock products, or their property of origin needs to be certified in terms of disease.

Notifiable pests and diseases can either be:

  • a prohibited matter, such as foot and mouth disease, anthrax or Hendra virus
  • other listed pests and diseases present in NSW
  • biosecurity events, including new or emerging disease, prohibited feed or chemical contamination events.

For a list of notifiable pests and diseases, read the Primefact ‘Notifiable animal diseases in NSW.

How do I report a notifiable animal disease?

If you know or suspect of a notifiable disease, call the national emergency animal disease watch hotline on 1800 675 888 or use the online notification form.

For further information or advice, contact your Local Land Services district veterinarian, a Department of Primary Industries veterinarian, or your private vet.

Find out more about animal diseases

To find out about animal diseases, contact Local Land Services on 1300 795 299 or look up your local office.

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