Koala Habitat Enhancement

South East Local Land Services is working with private landholders to deliver projects to support and enhance the recovery of the endangered Koala populations located in the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales.

Koala sitting a tree

This is an area where many do not know that there is a unique koala population, mainly located around the ARKS (Area of Regional Koala Significance) and the Avonside area. Historical and recent surveys have shown that the koala population in this area has a local and state-wide significance.

Under the NSW Koala Strategy, the Southern Tablelands includes one of ten koala strongholds within NSW. It is vitally important for us to protect and enhance koala habitat in and around this area through on-ground works, as well as conducting ongoing surveys to learn more about this population and how we can help them.

Projects being funded under the NSW Koala Strategy, and by the Australian Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water (DCCEEW) aim to achieve the NSW Koala Strategy goal of doubling koala numbers by 2050, and ultimately to ensure that the healthy koala population in these important areas thrives.

Koala habitat protection and restoration in the Southern Highlands and Southern Tablelands ARKS

map of southern regions where koala populations are located

This program aims to improve the extent, quality and connectivity of the nationally listed Koala’s habitat and reducing local threats. The program outcomes include goals to increase the area of revegetation to create future habitat for Koala, improving existing habitat through fencing to manage grazing, weed management and feral herbivore control.  The program also seeks to improve knowledge of Koala populations via monitoring programs (See Koala Karaoke below)

The program is funded by the Australian Government (National Koala Strategy) and NSW Government (NSW Koala Strategy) and is delivered by South East Local Land Services, supported by the Department of Planning and Environment.

The program has been designed using recommendations of the Australian Government’s Investment Framework for Environmental Resources (INFERR) - Koala Conservation and Protection package. This analysis has identified the project areas, recommended activities and their anticipated cost.

Applications for this program is now open

Check out to see if your address is within the area of eligibility

For further information, please contact Miles Pendlebury (Senior Land Services Officer) on miles.pendlebury@lls.nsw.gov.au or call 0436 421 002

NSW Koala Strategy - Southern Tablelands Habitat Restoration Project

Local Land Services are partnering with Landcare to deliver funding under the NSW Koala Strategy to support the recovery of the endangered koala populations located in the Southern Tablelands.

This project will focus on the area around the Southern Tablelands Area of Regional Koala Significance (ARKS). It is home to a unique koala population with local, state, and national significance. Under the NSW Koala Strategy, Local Land Services is working in collaboration with Landcare, Local Council, NPWS and the First Nations Land Council to protect and enhance koala habitat. Activities will include undertaking koala monitoring surveys, which will improve understanding of this population and on-ground works (planting trees, fencing, and weed management) that will help restore Koala habitat.

Local Land Services is offering co-contribution incentives to private land managers for on-ground works in and around the Southern Tablelands ARKS. On-ground works will also be supported by koala surveys, regional seed collection initiatives and landholder education events.

Funded projects can include on ground works such as:

  • site preparation, bush regeneration, or revegetation planting to expand, restore and connect koala habitat
  • livestock exclusion fencing to protect and enhance koala habitat
  • weed control to protect and enhance koala habitat.

'Koala Karaoke' Audio monitoring

Audio monitoring for koala presence is conducted with a small audio monitor that records the sound of the male koalas who are ‘singing’ (or bellowing) to attract a mate during the breeding season, which runs from around Oct to Jan in our region. The monitors are set to record from dusk to dawn for approx. 7-10 nights, with these recordings then computer-analysed to identify any koala calls. Landholders in appropriate areas may be able to participate in the Koala Karaoke program to find out more about koalas on their land.

Check out to see if your address is within the area of eligibility

Register your interest if you are landholder in the:

For further information, please contact

Habitat for Cold Country Koalas, Avonside

Funded by the Australian Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water (DCCEEW) - 2023-2024

This project will be working with private land managers and Upper Snowy Landcare to protect and enhance habitat for Koalas in the Avonside area (between Berridale, Beloka and Jindabyne). The project will focus on protecting, enhancing and expanding habitat available for koalas as well as reducing threats to this population via herbivore pest animal management.

Local Land Services would like to connect with landholders in the Avonside area with existing Koala habitat on or adjoining their property, including areas with large trees and/or areas with a diversity of native shrubs and eucalypt species.

Please contact us if you are a landholder who would like to:

  • participate in audio and on ground monitoring programs to learn more about the koala population in the area
  • learn how to record koala sightings
  • learn how to record feral animal sightings (deer, goats, pigs, foxes, cats)
  • participate in programs to control feral animals.

For further information and to register interest in Koala audio monitoring, please complete the online registration of interest OR contact:

Kirrily Gould (Local Land Services Koala Officer) on kirrily.gould@lls.nsw.gov.au  or 0429 692 550

Read more about our Cold Country Koalas Project

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