Pasture dieback

Pasture dieback is a condition that kills sown and native summer growing (sub-tropical/tropical) grasses. It begins in small patches which can grow to affect large areas, significantly reducing pasture productivity. The condition has spread rapidly in Queensland in areas with over 600mm annual average rainfall. In NSW the condition was first seen on the Far North Coast in autumn 2020 and is spreading.

Tropical grass species commonly sown in North West NSW are susceptible. We suggest checking pastures following rainfall in the warmer months for pasture dieback symptoms.

NSW DPI, Local Land Services and DAF Queensland have recently published a guide to assist with the identification of pasture dieback. Further information on pasture dieback can be found on the NSW DPI website.

  • the Exotic Plant Pest hotline on 1800 084 881 or
  • your Local Land Services office on 1300 795 299.

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