Meet Our Board

Patricia Walker

Patricia has extensive experience working with Aboriginal communities and her current role as Manager of Miimi Aboriginal Corporation continues that work through providing outreach and advocacy services and capacity building programs. Patricia's career has included roles with NSW Department of Primary Industries, Nambucca Shire Council and the Australian Customs Service. Patricia was appointed to the North Coast Local Land Services Board in 2019.

We recently asked Patricia why she nominated to be on this board.

“Back in the early days of Local Land Service I was a foundation member of the ACAG (Aboriginal Community Advisory Group). During this time, I had the opportunity to learn about what Local Land Services does. Then in 2019, when the opportunity arose, Bob Smith, the Chair encouraged me to nominate for the board.”

Patricia Walker

Gary Humphreys

Gary brings over 20 years of experience in operating large corporations with specific skills in areas such as corporate governance, strategic planning, financial management and customer service. In a previous role, Gary was the Chief Operating Officer of Essential Energy (Australia's largest electricity distribution network). Gary is currently a non-executive director on Hastings Cooperative, BCU and CanAssist NSW. Gary lives in Port Macquarie and owns a farm at Cooperabung where he runs beef cattle. Gary was appointed to the North Coast Local Land Services Board in 2019.

We recently asked Gary why he nominated to be on this board.

“I was a senior executive within different NSW Government State Owned Corporations for 20 years that operated exclusively across Regional NSW. During this time I developed a real passion for helping regional communities prosper, both economically and socially. I saw LLS as a great opportunity to get involved in an organisation that has the mandate to help communities proposer while being able to apply the skills and knowledge I have developed over many years operating a large organisation.”

Gary Humphreys

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