Forum for Local Land Services and North Coast agriculture industry

North Coast Local Land Services and the North Coast Agricultural Advisory Group met this month to talk about the impacts of drought which is affecting most of the North Coast region. The Group consists of representatives from a wide range of industries that operate across the North Coast. The Group provided information on the drought impacts to industry and discussed practical support for landholders.

Louise Orr, General Manager for North Coast Local Land Services, said, “The North Coast region has a wonderfully diverse agriculture industry and it is important that our programs and services are meeting the needs of the entire agriculture sector.

“The Agriculture Advisory Group is designed to bring primary industry groups together to discuss their collective needs, identify opportunities for collaboration, and develop solutions to threats that impact the agriculture sector, for the benefit of the communities, primary industries and environments of the North Coast.

“Local Land Services has an expert team on the ground who understand their local issues and local agricultural communities.

“We also have the knowledge and experience of our North Coast Local Land Services Board and the Agriculture Advisory Group broadens that network of information and expertise of the many industries that make up the North Coast’s agriculture industry.”

“At the meeting there was a wide-ranging discussion on the issues facing primary producers with drought management being a major focus and the mental health and wellbeing of producers following multiple natural disasters and now intense drought conditions.” Louise said.

The Agriculture Advisory Group will meet again early in the new year and then regularly to share information and advice on the approaches and priorities for North Coast best practice extension and help North Coast agriculture stay abreast of new, emerging and existing threats, changing needs and opportunities.

Group membership:

Agriculture industry sectors include Apiary, Bananas, Beef, Berries, Dairy, Fodder (hay/silage), Pecans, Pork, Rice, Sugar Cane and Soybeans.

A range of government agencies including Rural Financial Counselling Services Northern Region, NSW Department of Primary Industries, Local Government and NSW Health also attend the meetings to keep industries informed of available support.

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