Aboriginal Stakeholders

8 September 2022

NSW Government Grants and funding portal launched!

Across NSW, there are more than 1,300 programs related to grants, rebates, subsidies, and transfers, spanning over 45 agencies with an associated annual spend of more than $18 billion.

The OneCX program, along with Regional NSW and our agency partners have created a central point where the NSW Government can share grant opportunities with customers - making relevant grants more discoverable, informative, and contextual.

The centralised Grants and Funding hub brings NSW Government grants together in one place, search and filtering tools to find grants that are relevant to you.

8 September 2022

Funeral fund for mob

Pay the Rent is able to contribute towards funeral expenses, as well as general expenses during Sorry Business.

To apply, check out the poster, and fill out this form. This form will take five minutes to complete – information you will need: funeral home details, date of passing and bank details for Sorry Business payments. The form helps them quickly gather the information so they can support you.

For urgent matters, please text the Funerals Support number. Please note that the Funerals/Sorry Business support phone number only operates Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10am – 12pm.

Funeral Support Ph: 0473 238 622

29 April 2022

Nyami Gawbarri

Goori women gathering. A culturally safe space for Goori women to simply be together without expectation, criteria or conditions. See flyers for information:

24 Feb 2022

Staff Profile – North Coast Regional Landcare Network – Aboriginal Landcare Officer

Introducing:  Michael Kennedy

Hi - my name is Michael Kennedy and I am a proud Gumbaynggirrr descendant from Grafton (Skinner Family). I have been appointed as the Aboriginal Landcare Officer with the North Coast Regional Landcare Network and work from Grafton. This is the first time such a position has been created in NSW Landcare movement.

What is your career background Michael? Previously I have worked within state government starting with Department of Land & Water Conservation through to successor portfolios to Office of Environment & Heritage 18 years later. I have worked with Grafton Ngerrie Local Aboriginal Land Council and also did a few years tenure at Federal Government working with Services Australia (Centrelink Call Centre).

What does your role with Landcare involve? Landcare has a strong interest in finding ways to work more closely with Aboriginal communities across the North Coast. I am interested in knowing what your community/organisation is planning over a rolling period of 12-18 months in regards to any environmental or land management works and how we can create the collaborative partnership. Have you any Plans of Management for your properties? Are you interested in creating a Landcare Group? Ideas for revegetation, weed or pest control, weed identification and management? These are just some talking points to discuss and to have on each other’s scope to be aware of possible grants/funding sources to engage with each other for the works in mind

What is your hope in this role? The Indigenous Program name sums it up perfectly ‘Working Together’. I look forward to the collaborative partnership between Traditional Land custodians and the Landcare Network in learning from each other and ‘Working Together’.

To contact Michael:

  • Email: Michael_kennedy@northcoastlandcare.net.au
  • Phone: 0423 820 722
  • Or arrange an appointment at 1/48 Prince St Grafton NSW at the Clarence Landcare Inc Office.

14 Feb 2022

Tweed-Byron LALC and Mudhima Gulgan Community Association feature in this month's Land Life podcast

In this month’s episode of Land Life we hear from Tweed Landcare, Tweed-Byron Local Aboriginal Land Council and Mudhima Gulgan Community Association about working together on a priority weed program in the Kingscliff and Fingal Head areas.

For more information about this project, contact Tweed Landcare on 02 6670 2199, or Tweed-Byron LALC on 07 5531 1763

To find out how to partner with your local Aboriginal land managers, start by identifying the relevant Aboriginal land council on the NSW ALC website

You can learn more about Landcare on the North Coast via the Landcare Gateway

The priority weeds program referenced in this episode is funded by North Coast Local Land Services  through the Stakeholder Partnerships - Strategic Weed Management Plan 2017-22.

27 Jan 2022

Indigenous Business Australia - Worskhop/Training opportunities

Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) provides a number of workshops for Aborginal people. There are a number of upcoming training opportunities on offer. These include:

  • Your Business and IBA info
  • Business Essentials: Business Obligations and Finances 101
  • Business Essentials:Marketing Fundamentals

For more information and to make bookings to attend visit their website: https://iba.gov.au/business/business-skills-workshops/

29 September 2021


Don’t waste time getting up to date with OneMob Radio.

Did you know:

  • OneMob Radio is a first nations web-based Media Platform celebrating first nations people, stories, achievements and culture.
  • The founder Lachlan Skinner is a proud Gumbaynggirr young man from Coffs Harbour.
  • The OneMob Radio Team has recently developed an iOS and Android Phone App for mobile devices.
  • This means you will be able to download the “OneMob Radio” App on the Apple or Google Play Store.

These apps are available now, download via the links below:
iOS App - https://apps.apple.com/au/app/onemob-radio/id1584106623
Android App - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.radio.m0baaa82d6

Happy listening…


8 September 2021


Business Connect is a dedicated and personalised NSW Government program that provides trusted independent business advice and events to help you on your journey to business success.

Here is the link to their homepage: https://business-connect-register.industry.nsw.gov.au/pages/home5.html

Eligible small businesses can access some free (and some very low cost) independent business advisory advice. You need to register and book appointments to access the support available.

On the North Coast of NSW NORTEC are the current service providers.

NORTEC also run workshops and have resources  click on NORTEC Small Business Solutions (list-manage.com) for the NORTEC newsletter and more information.

The following people are all registered Advisors with Business Connect:

Reach out to one of them today to discuss the areas you would like further business advice or assistance with.

Contact person 

Phone Number  


Type of advice/assistance through Business Connect  

Deb Archbold

0417 769 507


Advice on your capability statement and on getting your tendering information, policies and tendering tools prepared

Advice on and review of grant writing applications

Kevin Gardner

0408 133 771


Advice on workplace health and safety

Gary Wheatstone

0408 631 801


Help with business growth strategies and general business advice

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